Jasmin is a sustainable studio owner in Orlando, Florida who has been in the beauty industry for five years. 
After trying to find her path in college, she decided she never wanted to work the same day twice and loved the variety, excitement, and creativity the beauty industry had to offer. She went on to study at the Aveda Institute in Winter Park, Florida in 2016 and became a licensed stylist in 2017.
Jasmin built her career by working in luxury salons all across Central Florida, which taught her everything there is to know about elevated services and professionalism. She takes pride in her relationships with her clients and strives to excel in her craft daily, continuing to take educational classes from the best in the industry. In 2021, she took all of her best experiences in the salon industry and decided to open her own studio in Orlando, where she was able to curate her own luxury experience for her clientele.
In 2019, Jasmin realized her passion for brunettes and modern, lived-in hair. She decided to hone in on this skill and advance it to go on to become a brunette specialist with a secondary specialty in textured, weightless haircuts — ensuring education never stops in these areas.
Sustainability is also a huge passion for Jasmin, which is why she designed her studio around the Green Circle Program, which strives to recycle up to 95% of salon waste, including foils, color tubes, excess color, and hair. She was one of the first studio owners in Orlando to enroll in this program, and since then has continued to look for ways to be more sustainable — such as switching to metal water bottles instead of plastics. 
Jasmin has such passion for making her guests feel like their authentically best selves when they come into her space, which is why she continues to seek out ways to go above and beyond for guests’ experience - whether it’s continuing education, curated playlists, luxury beverages, or lighting high-end candles during services. Empowering her community through beauty is an integral part of her business. She strives for her studio to be an escape for her guests, and can’t wait to continue to grow and take Orlando by storm!


M E E T  J A S M I N

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